Traditional Transition

Landscape Ontario Award of Excellence 2021

Getting a new build in an older neighborhood to sit quietly on the street is often a challenge. There is a rhythm that exists amongst the established homes and the trick is to get the new building to step back and not appear as an anomaly.

That was the case with this West End build. The weighting of the various hardscape and softscape elements was important as always. Credit Valley Sandstone found on the home was pulled down into the landscape as a walkway and walling material. This always adds a sense of continuity and depth to the picture. Reclaimed brick pavers gave some punch to the heated driveway and provided a foreshadowing of backyard elements to come. A pallet of traditional shrubs, perennials and a classic door-side seasonal urn round out the composition.

In the back, the traditional mix of new and reclaimed materials continued in an effort to evoke a feeling of serenity and permanence. A central axis which runs through the middle of the home lands perfectly at the lower deep seating area. Another pleasing axis runs perpendicular to that one through the coffee table to the BBQ surround. A relaxed and well-detailed deck landing and steps provide an unhurried route for visitors to transition from the main floor of the home to the garden area. The existing garden shed was stripped back and refaced with a stone and brick mix to appear as if it had always been so. A casual potting bench doodle became a reality. Lastly, a solid mix of classic perennials and shrubs (rhododendrons, lilacs, catmint, peony…) ensure garden colour and interest throughout the seasons.