Old World Wonder

Landscape Ontario Award of Excellence and Dunnington Grubb Award 2018

The homeowners had worked very hard to seamlessly blend their new build home into an older Toronto neighbourhood. Our challenge was to uphold this continuity using a timeless design and heritage materials.

The front yard saw the addition of a low stone wall, a flagstone walk, driveway borders and a herringbone brick inlay. Dramatic curves on the garden beds set off a mix of rhododendrons, hydrangeas, shrub roses and mixed perennials. Landscape lighting accents the stonework and house gables in the evenings.

In the backyard, old reclaimed stone and brick adorns the garden shed and the two walls bordering the swimming pool. A vintage water feature, an outdoor shower, and windows reclaimed from the home also decorate these walls. To filter views beyond and soften the overall appearance, rooftop gardens were added to the rear and side walls surrounding the pool. The evening dining area is beneath an old barn board arbor adjacent to the kitchen. The herringbone brick treatment used in the front yard was brought to the back for continuity. Flowering dogwood, hosta, astilbe, yews and pyramid cedar inhabit the curvy beds. In the evenings this yard lights like a dream.