Family Oasis

Landscape Ontario Award of Excellence 2016

This suburban backyard was feeling a bit tired and dysfunctional so we welcomed the opportunity to rejig the space around an existing pool footprint. Be they large or small, all urban lots have privacy concerns. A large number of white pine trees were craned into this yard across the newly renovated pool (please don’t drop one in!) to create a wall of evergreen privacy. The pine, in combination with the newly constructed pavilion, took care of all concerns to the rear, even from the new raised composite deck.The pool was surrounded with a gorgeous mix of rectangular flagstone. Off to one side, and as a focal point from the kitchen window, stands a 3 piece (12-ton) granite water feature. Sawn 3” granite slabs were used as the secondary patio surface, and were installed with a hydraulic vacuum lift (we love the toys!). A longtime drainage issue and previous challenges with turf led us to install very large garden beds with a drainage tile system underneath the entire garden area. A gorgeous bit of landscape lighting sets the entire place off beautifully. This project was truly a pleasure to work on.