Landscape Ontario Award of Excellence 2020

Sometimes ‘restraint’ is the most important design element used in pulling a property together. There is a fine (admittedly subjective) line between running out of nerve, falling short, and going over the top, producing an almost comical theme park result.

These clients had ambitious plans for building their new Edwardian home. Realizing their property had the lines of a once great garden, they cleverly slipped the new home onto the site without betraying the existing setting. Our team’s objective was to enliven the tired grounds, adding features and linking areas in a logical, tasteful manner.The front entrance walkway and driveway pad are adorned with stone inlays. The former garage (now a garden shed) and adjoining brick wing all are alive with climbing trees. What was once a sunken vegetable patch is now a Celtic cross parterre. Rubble pathways weave through boxwood, lavender and rose standards. A sad, sagging dry stone wall is completely rebuilt (once again dry). It now enjoys the addition of a small recessed water feature. A wonderful and spacious lower garden is fully revitalized and connected to the upper area with a grand staircase. Sitting areas share a view of an exquisite cascading water feature. The bronze ladies stand in a raised pool, set into a larger perennial border.