Classy Downsize

Landscape Ontario Award of Excellence 2017

When these long-time acquaintances approached us to work on their newly renovated downsized home, we were thrilled. In the front yard, our challenge was to provide uncluttered ‘no shuffle’ parking for two vehicles; clean, logical pedestrian flow to the entrance way; and a strong, supported sight line to the front doorway. All this was to be accomplished without creating something that looked recently renovated.

To this end, we created a raised bed with stone reclaimed from a recent church demolition. We managed to incorporate a couple of the original shrubs to enhance the established appearance of the property. The same reclaimed stone material was used for the walkways, one leading to the street and the other to the parking area. The driveway was softened with a nicely proportioned mix of brick and asphalt.

In the backyard, the wish list included a raised stone patio, a built in barbecue, a water feature and a raised vegetable garden. These features were set into deep, lush garden beds, and once again we looked to our reclaimed materials inventory to link each feature to the look and feel of the home.